Race Registration Opens June 15

Race registration is OPEN. You’ll be able to enter, edit, manage and print race information for yourself or your club. Registration will be open from June 15th and close on June 30th. Late entries will be accepted from July 1st – 14th, however an Extra-large fee of $100.00 will be applied to each paddler so get those registrations in on-time.

Age Groups 
Bantam is 13 years old or younger on Jan 1, 2017
Juvenile is 15 or younger on Jan 1, 2017
Junior is 17 or younger on Jan 1, 2017

Masters A must be 30 or more on Jan 1st 2017
Masters B must be 45 or more on Jan 1, 2017
Masters C must be 60 or more on Jan 1, 2017
The age group of a Masters Team boat is determined by the youngest paddler in it.

A Senior is anyone who does not meet the requirements of any other class. Seniors may paddle only in
senior events. Any paddler of the specified event gender can race in a Seniors event, except for bantams.